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Women's 35-85 Grass:
35S: Charlotte Sikora; Darcy Rabenda/Hyacinth Yorke; 45S: Nancy Hilliard; 45D: Ann Clark/Karin Weiner; 55S/D: Vicky Buholz (with Susan Wright); 65S/D: Tina Karwasky (with Jan Kirkland-Cochran); 75S: Ann Hunt; 75D: Carolann Castell/Lee Delfausse; 85s: not held
Women's 30-80 Grass: 30S: Elizabeth Kobak; 30D: Rabea Buksik/Julie Schiller; 40S: Amy McCaffery; 40D: Carrie Currier/Leeza Morris; 50S/D: Julie Cass (with Vesna McKenna); 60S/D: Susan Wright (with Tina Karwasky); 70S: Betty Wachob; 70D: Kathy Bennett/Liane Bryson; 80S/D: Roz King (with Dorothy Wasser)
F/S & GF/GS Grass: Paul/Christian Settles; GF/GS: Bob/Drew Quall
Mother/Daughter Indoors: MDO: Julia/Darcy Simon; SrMD: Meghan Ball/Lajla Feichter; Brena Humphreys/Shelly Stillman-Scott
Men's 50 Hard: 50S: Jeff Greenwald; 50D: Rick Leach, Vivek Varma
M/S Grass: Judy Newman/Cody Rakela
M/S & F/D Hard: F/D: Desmond/Jordyn McBride; SrFD: James/Nicole Flower; SSr FD: Jonni/John Seymour; 80+FD: Herm Ahlers/Krista Oconnor; M/S & Sr M/S: Diane Barker/Matt Hane
Men's 65/70 Hard: 65S: Dave Sivertson; 65D: Len Wofford/Paul Wulf; 70S: Brian Cheney; 70D: Michael Talmadge/Frank Zebot
M/D & Sr/SSr/80+F/S: MDO: Natalie/Natasha Hill; SrMD: Brenda Chidley/Julia Ann Gerken; SSRMD: Ghia Godfree/Linda Lyke; SrFS: Tom/Matthew Loucks; SSrFS: Mike/Nathan Dickens 80+FS: Alan/Bobby Croll
30 Hard: MS: Willliam Noblitt; WS: Imke Reimers; MD: Anthony Perkins/Thiago Santos; WD: Laryssa Booth/Jckie Gehrke; MXD: Michelle Hall/Santos
Men's 55 Hard: S: Bill Moss; D: Ken White/Leo Young
M/W 30 Indoors; W 35/45/55/65/75/85 Indoors: W30S: Hiromi Sasano; 30Mxd: Stephanie Delmacio/Thiago Santos; M30S/D: Christian Guevara (with Santos); 35S: Becky Bucolo; 35D:Yvgenia Doctor/Jennifer Sinclair; 45S: Nancy Hilliard; 45D: Yasmin Caya Congleton/Mariko Shimada; 55S/D: Gayle Prejean (with Vicki Buholz); 65S/D: Tina Karwasky (with Jan Kirkland Cochran); 75S/D: Carolann Castell (with Cathie Anderson); 85S: Laurie Leach; 85D: Joyce Jones/Carolyn Schumake 
Women's 50/60/70/80/90 Hard: 50S/D: Jennifer Dawson (with Jenny Rens Keller); 60S: Carolyn Nichols; 60D: Shannon Carney/Susan Wright; 70S: Judy Dixon; 70D: Liane Bryson/Kathy Ben

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