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Men's 35 Hard: 35S: Henry Choi; Darrin Cohen/Ryan Sablan
Men's 40/45/Mixed45 Clay: 40s: Paulo Barros; 40D: Jerome Moenter/Alex Millel; 45S: Carolos Gomez-Diaz; 45D: Wilie Dann/Andy Lake;  Mxd45: Andy Lake/Mary Dailey;
Women's 40-80 Clay: 40S: Mika Todo 40D: Lizl Kotz/Tabatha Waddil; 50S: Julie Cass; 50D: Jenny Klitch/Andrea Rice; 60S: Diane Barker; 60D: Pat Purcell/Ligia Bottinelli; 70S: Toni Novack; 70D: Judy Dixon/Vicky McEvoy; 80S/D: Inge Weber (with Dorothy Wasser)
Father/Son Indoors:  FS: Braeden/Tommy Ho; SrFS: Jimmy/Chris Parker; 80+FS: Bob/Matt Quall
GF/GS Clay:
35-90 Clay:
35S/D: Kaysie Smashey (with Julie Thu); 45s: Amanda Parson Siegel; 45D: Julie Cass/Tracie Currie; 55S: Fran Chandler; 55D: Vicki Buholz/Gayle Prejean; 65s: Tina Karwasky; 65D: Andrea Barnes/Kandy Chain; 75S/D: Heide Orth (with Petro Kruger); 85S: Lucille Kyvallos; 85D: Rose Austin/Mary Lynch; 90S/D: Jane Lutz (with Rita Price)
Father/Daughter/Mother/Son Indoors:
Open: Tommy/McHaley Ho; Sr: James/Nicole Flower; SSr: Lyle/Kalla Schaefer; 80+: Charles Joslin/Laura Joslin King; M/S: Stacy/James Swiggart; SrMS: Diane Barker/Edward Fishburne
Men's 60 Hard: S: Glenn Busby; D: Mike Tammen/Mike Fedderly
Men's 70/75 Indoors:
70S/D: Bob Litwin (with Brian Cheney); 75S/D: Jimmy Parker (with Dean Corley)
HW Grass: 100+:
Paul/Kathy Settles; 120+: Don Linebarger/Jackie Bathauer; 140: Charles/Hilary Marold
50/60/70/75/80 Hard Mixed: 50: Patrick Crow/Tracie Currie; 60: Pat Purcell/Kurt Chan; 70: Brent AbelKathy Bennett; 75: Dean Corley/Suella Steel; 80: Dori DeVries/Wilbur Jones
40 Hard: MS/D: Ross Duncan (with Simon Shen); Mxd: Tracie Currie/Willie Quest; WS: Hiromi Sasano; WD: Jennifer Lyons/Dominka Olszewska F/S: Andy/Thoas Lake; GF/GS: L & Ian Freer
30 Clay: MS: Christian Guevara; M30D: Tyler Browne/Nicholas Brunner; W30S: Jessica Sucupira; W30D: Sucupira/Erin Bryce; Mxd: Browne/Chalotte Sikora
Women's Intersectionals: Winning teams:  35/45/75/80: SoCal; 55: NorCal; 65: Southern
F/S Clay: Sr: Bett/Jerry Morse-Karzen; SSr: Oliver/Oliver Reynolds; 80+: Peter/Jason Homorody
M35Clay: S/D: Emilio Baez (with Juan Berrido)
W90 Grass: 90S: Rita Price; 90D: Jane

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