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Men's 60/75 Grass:
60 S: Mark Vines; 60D: Mike Fedderly/Mike Tammen; 75S/D: Jimmy Parker (with Ken Robinson)
Husband Wife Indoors: Open: Kathy/Trung Nguyen; 100: Kathy/Paul Settles; 120: Peggy Kirkeeng/Michael Sperling; 140: Dean Corley/Randi Resnik
30 Clay: WS: Charlotte Sikora; WD: Katrina Barnes/Marissa Chapin; MS: Christian Guevara; MD: Kriegler Brink/Cameron Nash; Mxd: Guevara/Abika Sperl:
Father/Son Clay: Sr: Brett/Jerry Morse Karzen; SSr: Scott/P Estes; 80+: Alan/Robert Croll
Men's 35 Clay: S: Rodrigo Pacheco; D: Darrin Cohen/Ryan Sablan
W90Grass: S/D: Rita Price (with Jane Lutz)
M/S, F/D Clay: FD Open: David/Karly Friedman; SrFD: Steve/Jordan Vaughn; SSr FD: Julia/Richard Cohen; 80+ FD: Sheldon/Chance Fechtor; M/S: Caryn/Jordan Krasner; Sr M/S: Kyle/Anni Collette
Women's 35-85 Hard: 35S:Laura Graff; 35D: Jennifer Lyons/Julie Shapiro; 45S/D: Dina McBride (with Debbie Nasim); 55S: Fran Chandler; 55D: Rainy Miller/Shelly Works; 65S: Tina Karwasky; 65D: Andrea Barnes/Kandy Chain; 75S/D: Carolann Castell (with Heather Fiscalini); 85S/D: Margaret Canby (with Rose Austin)
Men's 75/80 Clay: 75S/D: Jimmy Parker (with Ken Robinson); 80S: Lester Sack; 80D: Wilbur Jones/William Woflf
Men's 60/65 Clay: 60S: Dan Waldman; 60D: Mike Fedderly/Mike Tammen; 65S:Fred Robinson; 65D: Stanley Mescon/Alan Turner
40-70 Mixed Clay: 40: Ben Cook/Liz Kotz; 50: Garth Thomson/Laurie Yarbrough; 60: Shannon Carney/Jon Fears; 70: Ann Bradley/Bernie McGuire
M/D Clay: open: Michelle/Caitlyn Williams; Senior: Sheila/Nicole Chiricosta; SSr: Brenda Humpheys/Shelly Stillman Scott
Men's 55 Clay: Erik Luxembourg; D: Scott Works/Willie Alumbaugh
Men's 50 Clay: S: Oren Motevassel; D: Johan Hoegstedt/Fredrik Skoglund
World Championships: W55D: Mary Dailey; W60S: Diane Barker; W60D: Susan Wright; W65S: Wendy McColskey; W80D: Burnett Herrick/Dorothy Wasser; M50D: Polo Cowan/Dan Grossman; M75D: Dean Corley/Michael Stewart; M85S/D: King Van Nostrand (with John Powless)
HW Hard: Open: Kirk/Victoria Fisher; 100: Kathy/Paul Settles; 120: Bunnie/Stewart Jackson; 140: KC/Annie Collette

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  • Location: Mallorca, Spain
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