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Recent Category I Champions:
F/D Clay:
Open: Ilana/Carlos Gomez-Diaz; Sr: James/Nicole Flower; Super Sr: Julia/Richard Cohen; 80+: Robert/Cheryl Hicks
M/D Clay: Open: Meg/Maddox Bandy; Sr: Nicole Hossler/Becky Timmis; Super Sr: Elizabeth Bornt Davis/Marcia Bornt
HW Open Clay: Jessica/Jonathas Sucupira
Men's 60/65 Clay: 65S/D: Andrew Rae (with Daniel Grossman); 60S: Maxime Buyckx; Kearney, Kevin/ Petrovic, Glenn
Men's 50 Clay: S: Oren Motevassel; D: Alumbaugh, Willie/ Skoglund, Fredrik
Men's 55 Clay: S: Stu Saiki; D: Mike Tammen/Mike Fedderly
Women's 40/50 Clay:  40S: Lizl Kotz; 40D: Kris McDonald/Kathy Zanon; 50s: Jenny Klitch; 50D: Mary Dailey/Andrea Rice
Mixed Clay 40/50/60/70:  40: Shirish Deshpande/Sophie Woorons; 50: Susan Love/Jonathon Sawyer; 60: Gavin Cox/Vicki Nagy; 70: Sheila Weinstock/Hugh Thomson
Men's 70/85/90 Clay: 70S: Jimmy Parker; 70D: Les Buck/Geoff Moore; 85S/D: George McCabe (with Clem Hopp); 90S/D: Tio Campanil (with Judah Bricker)
Women's 35-85 Hard: 35S: Amanda Parson Siegel; 35D: Millie Yablonicky/Mariel DeYoung; 45S: Dina McBride; 45D: Kristina Jong/Michelle Saunders; 55S: Tracy Houk; 55d: Judy Newman/Gail Prejean; 65S/D: Tina Karwasky (with Jan Kirkland Cochran); 75S/D: Suella Steel (with Charleen Hillebrand); 85S/D: Margaret Canby (with Angie Ray)
Mother/Son Clay: Diane Barker/Matthew Hane
Men's 55/60 Grass: 55S: Mike Tammen; 55D: Ross Hessler/Jon Tyrell; 60S: Max Buyckx; 60D: Wes Cash/Mark Vines
H/W Hard  100/120/140: 100: Paul/Kathy Settles; 120: James/Stacy Swiggart; 140: Mas/Sue Kimball
Women's 70/80/90 Indoors: 70S/D: Brenda Carter  (with Betty Wachob); 80S/D: Roz King (with Dori DeVries); 90S/D: Rita Price (with Betty Cookson)
Men's 65 Grass:   S/D: Tom Smith (with Paul Wulf
60 Indoors:  WS/D: Susan Wright (with Carolyn Nichols); MS/D: Mark Vines (with Wes Cash); Mxd: Kurt Chan/Jennifer Shorr
85/90 Grass: 90S: Tony Franco; 90D: Philip Martinetti/Tom Selstad; 85S/D: George McCabe (with Michael McClaffey) 85D:
Men's 65 Indoors: S: David Sivertson; D: Phil Landauer/Tom Smith
Men's 75/80 Grass: 75S/D: Fred Drilling (with Michael Stewart); 80S/D: S/D: Jerald Hayes  (with Gordon Nichol)
Men's 40/45/50 Grass: 40S: David McNa

This web site is devoted to acquiring and disseminating information regarding senior women's and men's tennis.  It will feature articles about selected senior sectional, national and international tournaments, and other information of interest to senior women tennis players. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. 


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