2012-2014 International Team and World Championship Schedule


Seniors: Antalya, Turkey
Team Events: March 18-23
Individuals: March 24-31

Super Seniors: Austria and Czech Republic
Team Events: Sept 9-14
Individuals: Sept 15-22


Seniors: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Team Events: April 21-26
Individuals: April 27-May 4

Super Seniors: Turkey
Team Events: October 13-19
Individuals: October 20-26

ITF Tournaments in the USA

All Category I Tournaments in ITF Ranking Divisions are ITF Sanctioned as Grade 2 Events, and closed to Non USTA members.

2013: Only the USTA Category I National Championships have ranking points in 2013.

Only players who have an IPIN will receive ranking points for ITF rankings.

To enter ITF tournaments (other than our national championships) go to:

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