2015-16 International Team and World Championship Schedule

Young Seniors World Team Championships:
16-21 March 2015 - Antalya, Turkey
Young Seniors World Individual Championships:
22-29 March 2015 - Antalya, Turkey

Seniors World Team Championships:
8-13 June - La Baule, France
Seniors World Individual Championships:
14-21 June - La Baule, France

Super-Seniors World Team Championships:
21-26 September - Umag and Novigrad, Croatia
Super-Seniors World Individual Championships:
27 September-4 October - Umag and Novigrad, Croatia

Young Seniors World Team Championships:
1-6 May 2016 - Rovinj, Vrsar and Umag, Croatia
Young Seniors World Individual Championships:
7-14 May 2016 - Umag, Croatia

Seniors World Team Championships
19-24 June, Helsinki, Finland
Seniors World Individual Championships
25 June-2 July, Helsinki, Finland

Super-Seniors World Team Championships:
Antalya, Turkey
Dates TBC

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ITF Tournaments in the USA

All Category I Tournaments in ITF Ranking Divisions are ITF Sanctioned as Grade 2 Events for age divisions 35-85, Men and Women, and closed to Non USTA members.

ITF Regional Grade B will be in Florida (Palm Beach Gardens) in November. November 4-8, 2015. . NOTE DATE CHANGE!!!! This event is open to USA and Canadians only; must have an IPIN to enter. Must be listed as USA or Canadian for ITF purposes.

ITF Grade 5, ZMG Tennis, Deer Creek, FL, May 23-25

Only players who have an IPIN will receive ranking points for ITF rankings. You will not receive ranking points in a calendar year for any tournaments played prior to buying an ipin for that year. 

To enter ITF tournaments (other than our national championships) go to:

For more information about ITF tournaments, go to:

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